There was an old lady miss Louie 

she love chewing her chewey 

so she walked down the street 

Getting very hot feet 

That silly old miss Louie 

The  end

cinquain poem




The taste is unique





cotton candy 



unique flavour 

fair floss

by beck

why do we cry?

There’s are the tears ploduced in response to that strong emotions you may experience from stress, sadness , anger and physical pain.                        

We  cry when we feel sad about something that happened  today . What cloud be something like losing a love one or being fired of you job and a lot more.                                                                                              

We  sometimes cry when we are scared of something like a movie, a burglar and sometimes people who have a face mask on.                        

In a nut shell we cry a lot t over time about a lot of things like losing a love one and feeling lonely. So that is why we cry.                                      


From beck 





This book was created by Dianne jackson hills in 2016. It is like oddball ( the movie). It is on sampy and his maremma dogs. It is a stand alone book. The book tells the story very well.The penguins were getting eating by foxs and dogs. Sampy came up with an idea to put his dogs on the island. The dogs ended up saving the day.

I like the story because it is true and I like how there are penguins. But the negative was it was a little bit boring.

The book tells a good story about swampy and his dogs

the end by beck


Book week dress up day

On the 24 of  August the school dress up for book week i was miss honey and some of my friend were people for the cat in  the hat , Jacinta from Alice Miranda and a lot more. there were 10 group and the group get to do 6 of them. there was cooking , makeing things , art and a lot more things. This year i did not get to the cooking and the year befor i did not do the cooking at time so next year if their is cooking i were like to do it. it was the best becues we did not  do school work.



In the animation roads end i think the man who has the goggles has powers becaues he can get out of the car crash and all the people in the car with him died . what is the deal with the man with the scarf and the goggles ? I think the man is a killer becaues he make the car’s crash and the peolpe  died. I think he jumpes out of the car to the future becaues he gets out of the car so fats. The man in the car looks like his fate is in his shoes. The man who has the scarf look fearful to the peolpe how he was in the car with the peolpe.



Baning Pokémon ❌❌❌❌

Dear Mr buntett you are a good principal so can you ban pokèmon from schools pokèmon is a game on the d.s and a tv show. Pokèmon is found all around as.

Firstly you should ban pokèmon because you do not exercise and if you don’t exercise the kids can get sick and some time the kids can get fat because the kids are not exercise if pokèmon cards are in front of you.

secondly you should Ban pokèmon because kids do not look at the teacher when teaching writing or reading because the kids the kids are to busy to look.

lastly you should ban pokèmon because if you have a good card some one can take it.

in a nutshell pokèmon should be ban from schools



100 word challenge week # 15

In 2017 I hope that Christmas will came soon not like this year , more presents for birthdays and Christmas, having more friends in my class , get more girl cousins in my mums side of the family , I wish that I can go to Queensland again to see my friends up there, get a  I pad ,  get a girl teacher and there is a lot more where that came from. Please please please please please come true for me.

from Rebecca

Boo And The Pug Christmas TreeCreative Commons License 

100 word challenge week #14

Today I was visiting my nana in Japan but on my way to the plane I saw a alien I was so scared at i jumped into the aliens arms but then I fall on the ground in front of the alien  as I turned round it changed shapes( the word it was the alien) because I  had nuts in my pocket and the alien had some went i was in he’s arms so it went to the hospital and the people in the hospital said he had a allergy to nuts and he lived happily ever after.

from Rebecca